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Discounts on Auto Insurance Quotes

There are many unknown auto insurance discounts that consumers should be aware of.  The article “Little-Known Auto Insurance Discounts” found on highlights some of the discounts.

Being a full time student can help you get lower auto insurance quotes.  Not only can being a student help you, but if you carry good grades, usually a B or higher, that can earn you further discounts.  Some auto insurance companies offer discounts for federal employees, members of the military, or members of various groups like AAA.

Discounts are sometimes offered to those who have the VIN number on their car window.  How you pay your bills can affect your auto insurance quote and so does where you live.  Driving less and having safer cars all can warrant you discounts on your auto insurance.  These are just a few of the variables taken into consideration when quotes are determined, but you do have control over them so it’s important to understand what factors are being considered.

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