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Car Insurance Holders Must Go For Regular Safety Checks

The drivers have been urged to carry out regular safety checkups of their vehicles to avoid any collision and thereafter any kind of insurance claim. It is a legal requirement that every motorist must take good care of the vehicle and go for regular checks. According to a bank research, more than 20% of the motorists do not go for regular safety checks for their car every month. One among three motorists thinks that there is no need of any kind of regular safety check every month.

According to the law, the tyre tread depth must be at least 1.6mm so that the vehicle runs smoothly on road. Only 38% of the motorists go for checking the tyre tread depth whereas rest of the drivers remains negligent about their tyre trade depth update.

Only 56% of the motorists check the car coolant regularly while other leave their car at risk of overheating. Around 50% of the motorists do not check the brake lights and windscreen wipers leaving themselves in risk. Whenever it rains the windscreen might not work and you might met with a collision. If the brake lights are not working then in night any vehicle coming from behind might hit your car due if you put sudden brakes.

The motorists who do not care for their vehicle regular checkups might face difficulty in making an insurance claim. If we compare car insurance policies and the claims then the drivers with negligent maintenance of vehicles have low processing of claim.

The simple basic checkups of the car needs few minutes and by doing that you will assure your safety and peace of mind. Your car will be safe on road and remain in go condition for longer time.

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