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Car insurance claims set to rise with the new school term

According to the UK’s leading retailer for car insurance, Swinton, the number of claims is expected to rise in the month of September. It says that the new school term will cause an increase in the car insurance claims. In a bid to compare car insurance claims, the company found that during September 2009, eight per cent more claims were recorded than in the month of August. The company is anticipating the same trend this year also.

With the new school term starting in September, roads are expected to be busier than before especially during the morning and afternoon time. Parents and guardians are busier in dropping their children at school and then picking them up in the afternoon. This makes accidents to be inevitable and a rise in the car insurance claims is expected.

An online survey conducted by the insurance retailer revealed that about 57 per cent parents are planning to drive their children to the school rather than allowing them to go by a school bus or a public transport. The insurance company has identified that it is during the school run time that most of the accidents occur on the roads. It is very often to go bumping into other cars while parents are talking to the children through a rear-view mirror. Parents also often park at inappropriate spots to drop off their children.

The company has warned and advised the motorists to be vigilant especially the school run time. They should well in time to avoid the last minute rush. This not only avoids some unwanted car crashes and damages but also maintains their no claims discount bonus. Children must also be given proper guidance and training to be more vigil and careful while opening doors towards the traffic or in general. Safe driving with precautions is always better than filing for your claims from the insurance company.

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