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AAA Auto Insurance

Most everyone has heard of AAA, and the name is typically associated with roadside assistance and travel guides. They are a major player in the auto insurance industry as well. If you want to compare auto insurance quotes, you definitely want to solicit a quote from AAA Auto Insurance in your quest for cheap car insurance.

What is AAA?

AAA, or the American Auto Association, was founded in 1902 and is an organization of automobile clubs that has membership in the thousands all over the world. AAA offers various services to its members including roadside assistance, travel planning, discounts on various products and services, and insurance. AAA auto insurance is through The Members Insurance Company, or TMIC, and only AAA members are eligible for coverage. Membership in AAA varies from state to state, but averaged out to about $90 per year. AAA members get insurance discounts.

AAA Auto Insurance Advantages

AAA auto insurance is offered in a 12-month policy for greater savings, and if you pay the entire policy up front you will receive an additional 5% off the price. They have all normal forms of auto insurance, from liability through collision and comprehensive. They have excellent upgrades, such as unlimited rental car coverage, instead of just the standard 30 days other insurers have. Gap/loan/lease payoff insurance, coverage for pets injured in accidents, and accident forgiveness upon switching from another insurer are other upgrades available.

Types of Insurance AAA Offers

It isnt just about maps, roadside assistance, or travel guides when it comes to AAA Auto Insurance. They offer cheap auto insurance as well as homeowners, life, health, short-term medical, travel, long-term care, motorcycle and boat, and business coverage. As with any other insurance provider, it is important to inquire about combined coverage discounts for the best possible rates. By purchasing any of these other kinds of policies along with auto insurance the policyholder can get discounts of greater than 20% on each individual policy price.

Roadside Assistance with AAA

Anything can happen when traveling, and members of AAAs roadside assistance auto insurance riders have several services available to them in the event their vehicle has trouble. In addition to towing, AAA has other services available, such as towing, tire, fuel delivery, lockout, battery, and winching. There are also reimbursement and protection packages for trip interruption, legal defense, and auto/stereo theft. These can all be added in as riders or upgrades to AAAs auto insurance with TMIC.

AAA Business Benefits

Business and group memberships with AAA are a great way to share the same benefits with company employees, although these packages are only available in certain states. Employees fall under the same benefits and protection on the road at discounted rates. The AAA business membership can provide travel discounts, also, such as savings on rental cars and hotel accommodations. Memberships are not limited to a minimum number of employees. AAA auto insurance through TMIC does offer fleet and multi-car pricing for their policyholders.

For those who wish to enjoy the travel guides, discounts and roadside assistance program, it is great to know AAA offers excellent auto insurance as well. Shop for and compare car insurance quotes online to get the best prices, and be sure to include AAA when looking for solid coverage at affordable rates. AAA memberships offer great peace of mind when traveling.

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