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Instant Money Saving Tip for 2010 – Save Hundreds on Insurance

Insurance Saving Tips for 2010

Free Car Insurance Quotes

Multiple quotes- Insurance companies rate your auto insurance by zip codes. The number of clams an insurance company has had in your zip code will determine how much you will be charged. That is why it’s so important for you to get multiple insurance quotes.

Using our service, will help you to get multiple insurance quotes at no charge!

Get up to 3 Free Insurance Quotes

Age and value of car- A good rule of thumb to use is if your car is ten years or older or worth less then $10,000, and your insurance quote is $1000 or more per every six months, you may want to consider removing collision and comprehensive coverage to lower your auto insurance expenditures. I

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Auto Insurance Companies Bringing Value

According to the article “7 Desirable Auto Car Insurance Companies” by Matthew Keegan on, the insurance commissioner in any given state authorizes who can write auto insurance policies.  The article discusses 7 auto insurance companies that have a national presence with excellent reputations and competitive prices.

The companies discussed in the article include State Farm, Allstate, Government Employees Insurance Company, Progressive, USAA, Liberty Mutual and Nationwide Insurance.  All of these companies are well known and provide an array of benefits.  Havi

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How to get the cheapest auto insurance for young drivers

The main problem with younger drivers is that fact that most, if not all auto insurance companies have a bias against younger drivers. This bias is based on the facts that younger drivers in the ages between 18-25 are more likely to get into an auto accident than older drivers from ages 26 and over. With that in mid, younger drivers end up paying more for their auto insurance premium than those in other age groups.

However, if you are a young driver you don’t always have to pay more for your auto insurance premium. A young driver can still have an affordable auto insurance coverage. O

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Auto Insurance Quick Guide

There are some small things to know before shopping for car insurance, which may help to have lower rates. Start with a list of potential insurers, ranked by premium offers. Then look at your state website Department of Insurance. This may intimidate an excellent resource for anyone who feels a little confused, and the purchase of auto insurance. Most departments have Web sites that publish consumer complaints, this is called an “index of complaints.” Ratio is usually to say how many complaints each company has received complaints with the 1000th the former can help you sift through an initial list of potential insurers, and can go from there.

If you do not see a list of complaints in your state, you can always write the history of the company in other states. How

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State Voters Can Expect A Packed Ballot

Signatures Are Being Collected For More Than 50 Initiatives, Including A Potential Labor-Business Battle. SACRAMENTO, CA -With heated contests looming for U.S. Senate, governor and other statewide posts, 2010 stands to be a blockbuster year in California politics. The state could also see a bumper crop of ballot measures. In recent weeks, nearly 90 proposed initiatives have been in the pipeline, elbowing to become the latest entrants in the state’s century-old tradition of direct democracy. Gay-rights activists, abortion foes, marijuana proponents and government-reform advocates are getting into the act of citizen lawmaking. Insurance companies and consumer groups appear poised to rumble. Read more…

Cheap car insurance for under 25

Certain age groups to obtain cheap auto insurance very easily. A few age groups, on the other hand, are considered high risk. The importance of understanding the perception of insurance companies have of their age group can not be overstated. Moreover, unless you’ve read a lot on car insurance, you may be missing out on discounts available to you. I should also note that you can save because of or despite this, the age group you belongfor.

If you belong to a low-risk group, age, are at an advantage. On the other hand, if you are over fifty, you are part of a very low risk group. This entitles you to some concessions.

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