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Wisconsin Bill Adjusts Mandated Auto Insurance Rules

The Senate and House of Representatives in Wisconsin have approved a bill that would adjust a previous mandate for auto insurance premiums in the state. The bill serves as a reversal to a law that raised premiums and insurance rates for some drivers.

Bill Lowers State’s Liability Coverage Requirements

In 2009, a law was signed that raised the limits on the minimum amount of coverage people had to have. P

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Commuters typically carry £3,800 worth of gadgets

Gadget-loving commuters are carrying over £3,800 worth of technology to and from work, according to new research from esure.

The typical commuter bag or briefcase is likely to contain electronic kit worth £593 more than two years ago, including costly smartphones, laptops, e-readers and MP3 players.

With over 35% of Britons considering buying an iPad 2 this year, the cost of the commuter bag looks set to rise even further.

The research also indicates that 46% of commuters lug a company or personal laptop around with them, with the proportion rising to 56% in London.

However, more than half of all respondents were not sure whether their personal belongings insurance covered the cost of the gadgets they regularly carry to and from the workplace.

Commenting on the findings, esure’s head of home underwriting, Nikki Sellers, says: “Brits are now inadvertently carrying around a treasure trove of digital devices for both work and pleasure.”


Pedestrian-Detection Technology Could Save Millions of Dollars and Lives

A recent Status Report newsletter published by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that pedestrian-recognition technology could potentially avert thousands of vehicle crashes every year, saving lives and millions of dollars in repair costs and insurance premium increases. Developing and implementing this new kind of technology should be considered the next logical step toward greater public safety, similar to automated surveillance cameras at intersections, according to the IIHS report.

There have already been major advances in pedestrian-recognition technology by several car manufacturing companies; Volvo has integrated it into their new S60 sedan.

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How to Secure a Static Caravan

A static caravan can provide the perfect getaway, giving you the ultimate holiday home that you can escape to whenever the feeling hits. The only problem could be keeping it safe and secure when youre not there. Its a lot more susceptible to vandalism, accidental damage and even threats from the good old British weather than a traditional bricks and mortar holiday home, so just how can you go about properly securing a static caravan?

The first thing you need to do is choose the right plot. Its not the best idea to be too close to trees, just in case their branches (or even the trees themselves) fall down during a particularly violent storm.

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Safety Features Can Add Savings to Car Insurance Premiums

The world has become a very unsafe place. Many people are involved in car accidents every day in the United States. This is because Americans are always in a hurry and often are running late so they drive over the speed limit and end up causing car accidents to occur. Often drivers become distracted by ringing cell phones, songs on the radio, and people talking to them in the passenger seat which leads to serious accidents.

Many states now have laws that ban texting or talking on the phone while driving. However, many drivers now use Bluetooth devices which free up their hands and are legal but can still distract the driver. Cars are made safer now than they were forty or fifty years ago.

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Travel to Remote Areas

When taking part in an expedition, a trek or a voluntary project in a remote area you need to consider a few extra safety precautions. Make sure you are well prepared for your trip by finding out about the climate, the environment you’ll be travelling in, and what immunizations you need.

Find out where to access your nearest medical support. You may have an expedition nurse traveling with you if you are taking part in an organized expedition, but if you are traveling independently you should know the location of your nearest doctor. Make sure you know first aid before you travel and what to do in an emergency, and take a first aid kit.

Here more than anywhere is where you need to purchase international travel insurance. W

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