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Oakland Car Insurance

Oakland is one of California’s ten largest cities and one of California’s largest port cities. Oakland is located in the East Bay area that includes Berkley and Oakmore. It is famous for its MLB, NFL and NBA sports teams. It is also famous for its music industry, its thriving port, its annual street fairs and for its vibrant Chinatown. These things make Oakland a great place to live. Oakland also has a diversified economy. This economy includes a thriving shipping industry, many state government jobs, the United States Post Office and several local manufacturers. These employers have helped to create a stable economy that provides many jobs and the potential for career growth.

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Luggage that is Not Claimed

Most travel insurance plans cover luggage that is delayed or lost during the trip.  This is useful for travelers who need their belongings, but the bags did not arrive with them.  Those travelers who don’t realize they are missing luggage may never claim them, either with the airlines or with travel insurance.  A recent article from MSNBC discusses what happens to unclaimed bags.

Along a country road next to a muffler shop and a cemetery is a 40,000-square-foot store filled with all the items that never made it home from vacation. Shoe

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How Does an Auto Insurance Claim Work?

Many individuals are unconcerned about how an automobile insurance claim works until they actually need to file one. The entire claim process can be affected by many different factors, such as the state laws where the claim is made, the insurance provider involved, and the extent of the injury and/or damage. Here is the basic outline of how the claim process works.

Notify the Agent

Do not delay the reporting of the accident to the agent, regardless of who appears to be at fault. The agent will advise on how to proceed with the claim and make recommendations on what the insured should and should not do regarding others involved.

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Car Insurance Premiums Are Increasing in the US

Car insurance coverage premiums are going up which is not surprising to most people because being insured has almost become a luxury for some when in reality it is a necessity. Most of the fifty states with the exception of New Hampshire require drivers to have at the very least liability car insurance coverage on their vehicles.

Americans are known for always being on the go. They often find themselves running late to appointments or work because they fall behind or got delayed. This leads them to commit speeding offenses in order to try to get to their destination much faster.

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Glossary of Auto Insurance Terms – Part 1

For those who do not work in the auto insurance arena, it can be overwhelming to attempt to make heads or tails of the industry terms and policy jargon and what it all means. However, it isn’t that the terminology is overly complicated: it is just that people who are not involved in the business professionally might benefit from a primer on auto insurance terms in order to better understand insurance policies and quotes.

Liability Insurance

In the event of an accident, you may be held as legally accountable, or “liable,” for any property damages (PD) or bodily injuries (BI) that occur to the other party; these damages can be charged to your basic liability insurance. Liabi

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British homes “shop window” of opportunity for thieves

Ageas has joined forces with the Neighbourhood Watch Trust to persuade Britons not to make their homes a “shop window” of opportunity for thieves.

New research carried out on behalf of the insurer indicates that homes across the UK have an average £1,223 in valuables (such as TVs, other electronic goods, antiques and works of art) clearly displayed for would-be burglars to see through windows.

The findings also suggest that nearly one in five people have £2,000 or more worth of valuables on display to passers-by.

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