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Customers Less Satisfied with Auto Insurance Claims Process in 2010

The auto insurance claims process proves to be less satisfying in 2010 than the year prior, according to a new study from J.D. Power and Associates. Satisfaction declined five points on a 1,000-point scale to 837, but still saw a 19-point jump from the figures returned in 2008.

Why Auto Insurance Customers Are Less Satisfied

The main reason many customers were dissatisfied with the auto insurance claims process was because they felt the settlement portion wasn’t fair or equitable. The settlement portion included repair times, which increased by about a half a day in 2010.

Some other issues that arose regarding the claims process included first notice of loss, service interaction, rental experience and appraisal. O

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The caravan insurance search

Searching for the right caravan is one thing, performing a caravan insurance search is something else.

The caravan type

Caravan insurance is typically divided by the classic generic caravan categories:

  • statics (caravans occupied for holiday purposes and typically semi-permanently located on a single site);
  • tourers;
  • trailer-tents;
  • motorhomes;
  • park homes (typically a permanently located dwelling on a licensed park home location, which you occupy permanently as your principle home);
  • caravan-campers (some insurers may treat these as a separate category, others may regard them as effectively motorhomes).

Your caravan insurance search will typically be through the category that applies to your particular caravan.

The variables

The cost of your caravan insurance protection will obviously vary upon a number of things but a few that may not be obvious might include:

  • how often you plan to take your mobile caravan overseas and for how long;
  • the types and varieties of security devices you have fitted;
  • where you park a mobile caravan when you’re not using it (if that’s just on a public road then your premiums will typically be higher);
  • whether or not your static is parked on a registered and secure site;
  • the ages and experience of any drivers of a mobile caravan (typically some insurers may enforce restrictions in those areas).

The requirements

Typically all insurance policies carry conditions. In Read more…

5 Most Creative and Surprising Auto Insurance Advertisements

The subject of auto insurance doesn’t exactly bring to mind the word “creativity,” but maybe that’s why the advertisements below are so effective. After all, the way in which the average consumer is bombarded with product endorsements and promotions every day makes it increasingly difficult for individual companies to stand out among the competition.

The following five ads certainly stand out, however. From totally innovative to just plain hilarious, these car insurance advertisements go beyond just getting a potential customer’s attention–we can appreciate the artistry and imagination that went into creating them. Of course,

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Comparing Auto Insurance rates to get the best deal

The recent over-saturation of the auto insurance market has had a drastic effect on the industry. The advent of competition has brought on consistently decreasing insurance premiums as auto insurers compete vigorously for business. Apart from their aggressive advertising campaigns, the main way in which these companies attract new clients is by striving to offer the lowest rate possible to each customer. This is especially necessary now because internet technologies have made it easy for prospective policyholders to compare car insurance rates online – giving them an easy way of picking out the best offering based on cost, and level of coverage. With this in mind, insurance companies are constantly bidding against each other to offer their customers better value for money – in a desperate attempt to keep them around and, perhaps, steal a few customers from their competitors. When you compare rates online you get to see the best that each company has to offer in a simple, readable format to enable you to make quick, informed decision. This information will include the premium for the specified policy, as well as a general idea of what the policy covers – helping you to better understand what you’re putting your money on and how the figure matches up with the service provided. One other benefit to comparing rates online is that you get the most up to date rates available. Since quotes/rates can change constantly, the best place to keep up with the newest costs, and offerings, is via the internet – rather than calling a company and hearing one quote, only to show up a few days later to hear a ridiculously expensive figure, couple with a sales pitch type of excuse. Comparing rates online avoids this hassle by providing up to date rates – and sometimes even gives the option to sign-up for your policy on the company website and print immediate “proof of insurance”

Guest Post: Rebecca Rose on preventing arthritis in dogs

If you haven’t noticed yet, we are running a competition to win a year’s supply of In Clover’s Connectin this month. All you have to do is post your dog’s orthopedic story on our Facebook page and you are in for a chance to win. It’s a pretty sweat deal – make sure to get your entry in.

But what is Connectin?

Anything that can reverse joint damage in dogs is gold in my eyes and the fact that it’s all-natural (really! not just fake all-natural) is a wonderful bonus.

So I asked Rebecca Rose, founder and  President of In Clover, to write up a bit about Connectin and how it came about. He Read more…

Auto Insurance for Bad Drivers

If you are the type of person who has a driving record long enough to line a football field, you may have trouble findingcheapest car insurance for bad drivers . While there are some companies that specialize in providing insurance for people who may not be able to find coverage anywhere else, these companies typically charge more money for premiums. On the other hand there are smart ways to go about getting a cheaper rate on your insurance policy. In some rare cases, insurance companies will offer better rates to people who are currently enrolled in school. This is especially true if those young people’s parents have their auto insurance policy with the same company. S Read more…